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Daily Rewards

Your earnings are calculated daily. At the start of each day, you‘ll get a notification on your app letting you know how much you‘ve earned yesterday. Your money is available any time, so sit back and start earning.
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“DeFi has never been this easy!”
Bobby Armijo
“Nothing is better than waking up to a Zurp earnings notification”
David Skutelsky
“Why didn‘t this launch sooner?!”
Nik Sharma

How does ZURP work?

Connect your bank

Connect your bank account within 30 seconds with the help of our partner Plaid. Easily deposit money right away via ACH or Wire!

Deposit your funds to earn from DeFi

We partner with regulated cryptocurrency custodians. Large financial institutions frequently borrow cryptocurrencies that are tied to the US dollar on a short-term basis. They compensate this borrowing with interest (which are held as stable-value, USD-denominated cryptocurrency) and that interest is passed back to you in the form of APY rewards!
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Good morning! Your balance grew by $87.31 yesterday!
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Rise and shine, you just made $74.59 yesterday!

Earn 6% APY, paid daily

Every morning you will get a push notification showing how much you made the day before. Your funds are paid daily and available to withdraw at any time back into your bank account.


We take your privacy very seriously and our system is designed to protect you at every step. Zurp will never sell your data to 3rd parties and your data remains 100% confidential at all times.


We‘ve designed our entire platform with security in mind to make sure your funds are always safe. Our team will never cut corners when it comes to keeping our users as protected as possible. All data is encrypted at rest and funds are protected so only you have access.

Frequently Asked Questions

We‘re here to help. Contact us via email, phone, or live chat with any questions that may not have been answered below.
How do you get 6% APY when my bank only gets 0.6% (or less)?
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How often can I withdraw my money?
What are the risks?
What is DeFi?
How secure are my funds?
Do you require KYC info?
What country is the company based in?
What banks can connect to Zurp?
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